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Ghost team is composed of well trained engineers, technician and designers. Incorporating tomorrow's technologies in today's bicycle, Ghost has been built with the aid of CAD software using advanced technology. Design team tracks every step of the developing new technology, develops the bicycles with excellent form and function. Bicycle parts meet European standards (CEN standard) and are certified according to this standard.

The reason why more challenging and more precise tests than European standards are performed is that core of the GHOST philosophy is based on customer safety. Each bicycle is tested in accordance with its category and intended use.

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My passion for cycling started at a very young age. At first this passion was limited to rides with friends after school, but it quickly turned into high level racing. Since 1985, when I first started racing, I represented my country as a member of the North Cyprus National Team on a number of occasions. I continued racing during university years as a member of the California State University, Chico Bicycle Team.

MTB European Championships in Italy and MTB World Championships in France were the highest level races I participated. Becoming the Turkish Masters Champion in 2007 was the summit of my race performance. This also marked the end of competitive racing for me.

I held the position of the President of North Cyprus Cycling Federation, the top authority of cycling in our country, through 2013 and 2014. During this period, I carried activities together with my team in regard to bicycle roads that we considered the most single important factor to encourage more people to use bicycles. In 2014, I laid the foundations of Paralik Pedal Power, fully furnished bicycle chain stores that aim to respond every need of a cyclist. Paralik Pedal Power carries a mission to expand the use of bicycles by being a one stop solution to all their needs.

As I state my gratitude towards all those who supported and still supporting me, I would like to reiterated my belief that cycling is one of the best outdoor activity that can be performed at any level on our beautiful island.

Wishing everybody a great time on the bicycles no matter where they are...

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